So, after a discussion in one of my classes, I got to thinking.... What happened to our values as a society? What happened to dressing classy, Lucy and Ricky sleeping in separate beds, music actually having a decent beat and meaning behind the words?

I know I must sound like an old fuddy duddy right now, and I know that society has to evolve at some point, but how much is too much?

I personally CRINGE when I see prepubescent girls walking around with low cut shirts and shorts that barely cover their ass with the word "sexy" or "juicy" on the back. I see no need to watch my weekly tv shows, and watch people rolling around naked in bed. I believe our society has become overly sexualized. It's not taboo anymore to see a 13 year old pregnant girl. Years ago, the family would send that girl to a home for unwed mothers, and babies were put up for adoption or given to a family member to raise. Today, we sign them up for welfare, throw them baby showers where their friends get all giddy about all the clothes they can dress them up in, and we have a generation of kids being raised by other kids who have no idea what they are doing. We are living in a society where kids are pretty much on their own without adult supervision. The idea of a nuclear family is pretty much gone. There are tons of single parent households, where the remaining parent needs to work a job or two, leaving the kid to pretty much raise themselves. It is rare to see a loving two parent household where attention is actually given to children growing up, and the focus is on teaching kids correctly, and not using the television for a babysitter.

There's so much wrong with society right now, that I don't even have enough room in this blog to talk about everything. I just wonder what would happen if we all changed our mentality and brought back class. If we didn't live in an a society plagued with issues because we've become too comfortable and open with our lives.

Some people update their social media sites with every move that they make. Had a taco? Great. Went to the gym? Great. Taking a shit? Even better. We have no privacy anymore. Good old fashioned conversations and updates with family and friends have been replaced with the click of a "like" button on Facebook.

Of course with society evolving, good things have happened as well. Gay rights. Women's rights. Civil rights. We're evolving in positive ways in some aspects, and negative in others. I believe that family values is a huge issue and one that needs to addressed immediately. Parents have the ability to monitor what their children listen to and watch. They can instill these values on their children.... to open doors for people, to say please and thank you, to be polite to others. It seems as though it doesn't happen anymore though. With the breakdown of the American family, it is getting harder and harder for people to raise children with values. We are scared to discipline our children, so they act out. So we're quick to label them with ADHD or ADD, and shove medication down their throats in hopes that they'll be good little children and behave.

If we showed some accountability, we'd have a better generation of children, and a better generation of people. It wont solve all of society's problems but it sure would help.

This blog is all over the place. It's 7am and I'm still trying to wake up. I'm just venting. The way old people do.


Today's Awesome: my mom. I love my mom more than anything in the world, and she is indeed my best friend (her and my hubby). I love that despite a rough couple of teen years, we're able to talk to each other about anything and that we're so close. <3>


  1. If my husband and I were to have a daughter there is no way in hell she would be allowed to wear some of the clothes that are available for young girls. If we couldn't find anything we deemed appropriate you can be sure I would be making her clothes as much as she protested. I stay home with my kids and I am so fortunate my husband has a job that makes it an option as tight as money can be at times. I truly believe that society over-glorifies single parents, teen pregnancies and sex. If more parents took responsibility instead of leaving it to the school (and then complain when the school tries to discipline), we would not have nearly as many problems as we do as a society. I am hoping to be able to stay with my kids for as long as possible or at least if I do have to work, it be an alternating shift with my husband so at least one of us is there for them at all times. That is really the only way you can raise a child and have them grow up to be a decent person. Not rely on school, or a babysitter or daycare to raise your child.


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